About Us

Alternative, contemporary solutions for your projects

We are point of the WEB, We are offer Solution

We help many companies with our e-Commerce, CRM and ERP solutions.


With economical e-commerce packages, to produce systems that even small business
owners can easily install and manage their own system, to be the focus of solution.


To be a solution partner in domestic and foreign projects, to produce and develop all kinds of software projects. Creating employment by developing in a homogeneous structure.


We follow and implement technological developments closely, and we ensure that our
solution partners are aware of these developments. We love to use new technologies.

Who Are We?

We are software developers, graphic artists, copywriters, SEO, SEM social media experts who have been in the industry for years. We are the workers of the sector. We do not like to say I do not know, we are curious and investigative about everything. 

Our hunger for knowledge about producing sectoral solutions is endless. We are a team that thinks solution-oriented analytics. We are idealists, dreamers who do not break with reality. 

We are the solution you are looking for!

Partners and Dotted WEB

If you don’t want to experience “technological misery” in the age of technology, we are here! .. Individual efforts, corporate solutions …